The Cal Weber 40 proposes a high efficiency Photovoltaic Solar System and elevated green space over the designated parking, common areas with computer labs, and private balconies as well as an impressive 12’+ ceiling height for third story units. The location will embrace pedestrian access to the nearby restaurants and entertainment district with parks and the waterfront within a 5 minute walking distance. Large openings provide an abundance of natural light, sheltered to the south with overhangs provided by the balconies and glazing frame work. Balconies are walled off in one direction to create privacy between the units. The ground level remains commercial with the exception of four units located at the north and south entrances in the Cal Weber building, residential lobby.

There are 28 two bedroom and 1 bathroom units and 12 three bedroom and two bath units that will be well suited for families to utilize the private open space park attached to the building. The project will also include private elevated parking above the City of Stockton’s parking lot. This will allow a secure access to the building from the second level.

Rents listed below are estimates for reference only:

885 Square Feet – 2 Bedroom/2 bath Rents = $405 to $725 per month

1,001 Square Feet – 3 Bedroom/2 bath Rents = $467 to $850 per month

Electrical = No cost to tenant

Natural Gas = No cost to tenant

Phone and Cable = Tenant to Pay